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BioChain’s vamPure™ Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction kit allows for fast and efficient total nucleic acid extraction from human swab samples. The resulting nucleic acids may then be used for downstream applications such as viral detection (e.g. Covid-19). The nucleic acids are eluted in EDTA-free buffer, allowing for immediate use in experiments where EDTA is not tolerated. EDTA may then be added separately for ideal long-term storage of the nucleic acids. The magnetic bead-based extraction protocol is also ideally suited for automation using the KingFisher instrument.

Advantages and Features

• Ideal for Covid-19 detection
• High nucleic acid recovery and quality
• Short and scalable protocol
• Cost effective extractions
• Automatable on open systems


• Viral detection (e.g. Covid-19)
• PCR and qPCR gene amplification