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BioChain’s vamPure™ Blood Nucleic Acid Extraction kit allows for fast and efficient genomic DNA extraction from whole blood samples. The DNA is eluted in EDTA-free buffer, allowing for immediate use in experiments where EDTA is not tolerated. EDTA may then be added separately for ideal long-term storage of the DNA. The magnetic bead-based blood DNA isolation kit is also ideally suited for automation using open systems. DNA extracted using this kit is suitable for PCR, qPCR, next generation sequencing (NGS), and other applications.

Advantages and Features

• High DNA recovery and quality
• Short and scalable protocol
• Cost effective extractions
• Non-toxic chemicals
• Automatable on open systems


• Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
• PCR and qPCR gene amplification
• Genomic DNA library construction
• DNA methylation studies
• Copy number variation (CNV) studies

Competitive Yield Comparison

200 µl of whole blood from a single donor was extracted in triplicate using either Competitor T’s kit or BioChain’s vamPure Blood Nucleic Acid Extraction kit. The yield and purity were then analyzed. The results show that the vamPure kit is robust against the competition and the gDNA extracted consists of optimal purity.

Quality Comparison of Bloods DNA Isolation Kits

qPCR was performed in triplicate using gDNA extracted from either Compeitior T’s kit or vamPure. The results demonstrate the quality of the gDNA obtained using vamPure is as pure as the competition while the yields remain superior.

Sample Work Flow

Scalability of vamPure

gDNA was extracted from either 200 µl or 1 mL of input blood using vamPure. The resulting yields show that the kit is highly scalable.